Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my page.

Here you will find excerpts from my stories that will make you want to read more to find out how the story develops and what happens at the end.

As I develop and write new stories you will be getting snippets to let you know what I am working on and what you can expect to be out for your acquisition at a future date.

I have a book "Fairy Tales" by O. L. Cairo that has already been published and it is available at and and also a couple of the stories from that book are up in as e-books.

I would appreciate hearing from you with your comments about my stories.
Happy Reading!


  1. Excerpt from Adam's Dream now available on e-books. Enjoy!
    Little did Adam know when his father found an injured canary in the forest that this incident would change his life forever.
    Beginning with the strange dreams about a beautiful girl, and then followed by a series of encounters with the king, his army and the arising bad economic situation of the land where he lived, Adam’s life takes a turn that is as unexpected as rewarding.
    This story will entertain the reader from the beginning to the surprising end.

  2. Excerpt from Karissa and the Butterfly now available at e-books. Enjoy!
    Meet Karissa, a young girl who lives in ancient Greece with her father and sister and who, one day, finds a strange silvery thread on an old tree that will lead her and her family into an intriguing mystery solving when, after collecting the thread and taking it home with her Karissa seems to disappear overnight but in reality is imprisoned in a cocoon.
    The desperation of her father and sister when they realize what has happened to Karissa, the antics of trying to break the cocoon to free her, and the finding of a potential solution all make for entertaining reading.
    Add to that the love developing between Karissa’s sister and one of the hired hands, his help in accomplishing the task of finding the right tree that will eventually help free Karissa from her imprisonment and the happiness felt by the whole family, when Karissa is finally freed, and you will find yourself reading a story that captures moments of courage, love, and patience as represented by the characters, hoping to instill important values and lessons to young children.
    Karissa and the Butterfly will convince readers that love, goodness and magic exist in the world of mortals.

  3. Go back to the summers of your youth, when time seemed to stand still and the summers to last forever. Spend some time reminiscing the good old days when the most important thing in the world was having fun, and the worries....who had time to worry when the world was yours to enjoy!
    Summer of 1955 e-book on sale at this Monday, May 16. Don't miss it!